Recent Publications

2016 Zyzzyx Desert Symposium Volume (link to volume)

  • Colorado River Trough—the 2016 Desert Symposium field tripR. E. Reynolds, Philip A. Pearthree, P. Kyle House, Keith Howard, David Miller, and Brian Gootee

  • The LOCO Strata: new observations, mapping, discoveries, and ideas about key geologic deposits chronicling the inception and evolution of the lower Colorado River from the Pliocene to the present P. Kyle House

  • Integrating lower Colorado River alluvial deposits and Grand Canyon incision constraints to reconstruct paleo Colorado River profiles and determine Colorado Plateau uplift Ryan Crow, Karl Karlstrom, Keith Howard, Sue Beard, P. Kyle House, Warren Sharp, Victor Polyak, Lisa Peters, Yemane Asmerom, William McIntosh, Debra Block, and Laura Crossey

  • Magnetostratigraphic constraints on the Bouse Formation in the Blythe Basin— existing evidence: Keith A. Howard, Daniel V. Malmon. John W. Hillhouse, Rebecca J. Dorsey, Ryan S. Crow, and P. Kyle House

  • From the sublime to the ridiculous: spectacular, weird, and surprising sedimentary structures, situations, and settings in the Bouse Formation: P. Kyle House and Philip A. Pearthree

  • A sequence-stratigraphic interpretation of the upper bioclastic unit capping the Bouse Formation in the Cibola Area, Arizona and California: Brian F. Gootee, Philip A. Pearthree: P. Kyle House, Ann Youberg, Brennan O’Connell, and Jordon Bright

  • Travertines of the Bouse Formation: L. C. Crossey, K. E. Karlstrom, R. S. Crow, P. K. House, and P. Pearthree

  • Structural controls on stratigraphic architecture of the southern Bouse Formation near Cibola, Arizona: Brennan O’Connell, Rebecca J. Dorsey, Mindy Homan, Brian F. Gootee, and Kyle House

Presentations at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, October 2013

  • The evolution of thought on the evolution of LOCO [THE LOWER COLORADO RIVER]: All agree that water was involved (House, Pearthree, and Perkins)

  • Insights into the origin and development of the lower Colorado River from the latest Miocene-early Pliocene deposits and paleogeomorphology of Cottonwood and Mohave Valleys (Pearthree and House)

  • The early Neogene Crooked Ridge paleoriver--A view from White Mesa, northeast Arizona (Hereford, Amoroso, Beard, and House)

  • Geologic history of Lake Mead National Recreation Area portrayed in new geologic map database (Beard, Felger, House, and Howard)

  • A major Pliocene fluvial aggradation along the lower Colorado River and its implications for Colorado River evolution and tectonics (Howard, House, Dorsey, and Pearthree)